Naveen Shaji
User Experience Designer
and Frontend Developer
also Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Writer, and Human
Interaction Design
72 Hour Design Challenge - Designing a Corporate Expense Tracker

Businesses conventionally reimburse their employees for expenses incurred during the carrying out of business needs. However, the process for the same has remained largely unchanged. Stash bills in the dash, pull them all out at the end of the month, fill up a form detailing the use of funds, and pin it all up and submit it at the office.

Interaction Design
Developing an Atomic Design System

It was getting exponentially harder to maintain consistency across the multiple digital product design projects that had landed on my desk. As the product design lead at the firm, I had to take a step towards the right direction - building an atomic design system that makes it infinitely easier for the other designers and developers to keep things consistent throughout the product development cycle.

Interaction Design
Using Augmented Reality experiences to improve collaboration

We created a mobile application that places an Augmented Reality world right in your workspace which you can mold according to your creative inclination through engaging interactions with other users to improve teamwork and collaboration.

Data Visualization
Visualizing Himalayan earthquake data spatially

The idea was to visualize and estimate the accurate spatial extent, form, and intensity of earthquakes around the Himalayan region. All data including GIS shapefiles are from USGS.

Product Design
Designing a portable kitchen experience

Cooking is conventionally viewed as a process that serves up to the very basic of physiological needs. A well-designed experience should cater to all five psychological needs - physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and actualization. We worked to redefine the entire experience of interacting with the different utilities in a kitchen into a process which caters to all five levels of human psychological need.

Process Mapping
Manufacturing process of Wooden Furniture in Mumbai

Process map of how the Oshiwara wood workers use their craft to create beautiful furniture and accessories. This was made after weeks of research, observation, and interaction, with the craftsmen.