Naveen Shaji

Hi, I'm Naveen Shaji. I study design at IIT Bombay. I make websites that have an edge. Check out my previous projects below. If you are working on something interesting, and would like me to code up it's web experience, drop me a mail.

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Looking for Material? The uber-cool stacking-cards based material design template. No? Well, take a look anyway. Material has been used for over hundreds of blogs and sites, and is one of the most popular material design templates for Jekyll. You don't want to miss this.

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I co-founded PixelBlenders, and have been actively working with the startup for almost three years now. I've been working as the lead front-end developer over the past year.

PixelBlenders was initially spun-up as a multimedia based promotion and marketing company. Now, it has grown out into a leading player in next-generation bleeding-edge technology throughout the design and development spheres.

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HackIndia 2015

Attended one of India's largest hackathons, and coded up with two scalable web applications in 24hours. JavaScript was used extensively on the back-end (nodeJS+Meteor), while leveraging Geolocation API, web-sockets, and the Google maps API. You can read more about the projects below on Devpost.

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LA Fest 2014

While working as the lead developer for LA Fest 2014, I developed an android game using Unity with C#, which currently has over a hundred ratings and close to a 1000 downloads on the google play store. The game was used as a separate contest at the event, and prizes were given.

I also developed the website for the event, conforming to the same theme as the game, providing a very out-of-the-box experience on a browser using flash (back when flash was still cool).

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Latest Projects

Other than the above, I've made quite a few websites while freelancing. You can take a look below. Some links below point to my mirrors of the actual website, especially event websites, as these tend to be removed after the event is over.

NILS International Outlawed 17 ADUJ, NLU Assam JustGetIt Macchiato Design Cara Cafe Altus Disputatio Outlawed 16 Rainush Couture

My Story

Made my first HTML/CSS website when I was 9. Fell in love almost immediately. Been doing it ever since.

Having dabbled in almost everything there is to dabble in - Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, Meteor, entrepreneurship, PHP, marketing, and what-not, I have now settled on a lean, in-depth skillset, hovering mostly over UI development with an edge.

I'm 19 and single. Not interested though, just in case you were wondering. But hey, don't let that stop you from sending me chocolate, or from buying me a beer :)

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Umm, I recently figured out that the beer delivery system code had a bug in it, and I am now living my life crying over all that wasted beer :'( Please send chocolate instead.