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NILS has proved to be a key player in enhancing international understanding and co-operation between law students and young lawyers since its foundation. By developing cultural understanding and management skills of the students and by providing a select core of leadership potential to business, NILS is a positive force for global development and understanding between law students with diverse national and cultural backgrounds. NILS is open to students from all the regions of the world; and is committed to serve the following objectives with the cooperation of its members:

  • To create awareness of law and justice;
  • To facilitate the recognition of the social responsibilities on law students;
  • To understand and appreciate the diversity and share the ideals of law in society through exchange and communication among law students of all countries;
  • To motivate law students to develop a creative spirit through a network of joint-activities among law students of different countries;
  • To encourage the enhancement of the capabilities of law students to become internationally minded, socially responsible, academically committed and legally skilled.

The members of the NILS are open-minded, internationally oriented/targeted and acquire a broader cultural understanding than other law students. They gain direct experiences with foreign legal systems and business practices through the wide range of activities and international cooperation of NILS.

Active Membership

You can be an active member of NILS in various ways. You can participate in a wide range of events that are organised on all three levels (local, national, international). You can also enhance your leadership and management skills by joining the various committee of an event, organised by local groups or national groups of NILS, or the executive boards of the respective NILS groups.

NILS has Chapters across various countries, the list of which can be assessed here.

Organization Structure

To achieve the purpose of NILS and its related organisations (hereinafter referred to as “NILS Network”) is organised on three levels: local, national and international

On a local level, the NILS Network is organised in local chapters, in conformity with the legal order permitted by national laws and subscribing themselves to the purpose of NILS.

On a national level, the NILS Network is organised in national chapters being the organisations, which confederate local chapters present in each respective country. They represent NILS nationally and represent their local chapters in the international network.

On an international level, NILS is represented by the International Board.