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Joining an Existing NILS Chapter

If you are from one of the country where we are already in operation, you can contact them directly and they make you familiar with the formalities before you can join them. Alternatively, you can contact NILS International, which will connect you both and brief you on the formalities.

How to create a National Chapter within NILS?

Take the following steps!

  1. Check if there is an NILS Chapter in your country under the tab ‘About’, ‘NILS Network’.
  2. Find motivated people to join your initiative.
  3. Contact NILS International to help you with your application!
  4. Take the following things into careful consideration:

Law students in your country

Number of students in your country is a basic starting point – people are the basis for an effective expansion of NILS in your country. Sensibility of expansion depends on the market for law students association – such as NILS.

Number of law universities in your country

The number of law faculties in your country will tell you how many potential Local Groups could be established in the future.

Other associations

One of the successful factors in creating NILS is the existence of other student organizations at your university and in your country. Another important indicator for success is the existence of Non Government Organisations (NGOs).

Find people who support your application!

It is very important that from the very beginning you have people and organizations who stand behind your application – supporting you – other students, externals, cooperation with NGOs or with university authorities.

NILS in countries with difficult political situation

Some countries don’t have a clear political situation, which is something we have to take into consideration. In any case we should remember about our motto and our purpose of NILS: we are here to contribute to legal education, foster mutual understanding and promote social responsibility.