International Board

NILS international board

Being NILS' top executive body, they guide the organisation and strive towards achieving its objectives.
It may also include a number of directors to assist the officers in various NILS Activities.

Pratik Bakshi


Hi, I am Pratik Bakshi, and I come from India. I am currently pursuing my law degree from The National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. I started NILS in March 2014 and am glad to have guided it to fourteen countries across three continents. Apart from NILS, I work as the Editor-in-Chief of Policy Eye which is an online magazine run by students from over thirty-five different countries.

As the President of NILS International, my primary responsibility will be to coordinate the activities of NILS International and will work closely with our partner organisations and other stakeholders and focus on the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the network. And I am sure to achieve all I have in my mind and task manager for NILS in the year ahead, considering I have such a wonderful team and enthusiastic members all across the world.

Shaylla Shabbir

Secretary General

Hi everyone, my name is Shaylla Shabbir, and I am a practicing lawyer in England, specializing in trade law. I am very excited and proud to be serving as the Secretary General of the NILS International.

As the Secretary General of NILS International, I am responsible for coordinating and liaising with the various member networks we have across the globe. Working closely with the President, it shall be my responsibility to make decisions that affect students in this growing network. My main aim is to maintain a system in which everything runs smoothly so as to provide the maximum benefit to each and every student who is a part of this network. Alongside this, I will liaise with various organizations and major stakeholders who can benefit the network as a whole, by creating exciting opportunities in which the network can expand.

I will interact with the network's member Chapters and consider the range of issues of international concern that are on the network's agenda. The network is expanding rapidly and I urge students to utilize this opportunity to get involved with us.

Rosemarie Caruana


My name is Rosemarie Caruana and I am currently reading for an LLD course at the University of Malta. I have actively participated and attended various local seminars and debates.

I will be serving as the treasurer of NILS and will execute the day to day tasks of a person responsible for the finances such as accounting, budgeting or capital and liquidity management. And finally, I will strive to provide the national officers with a balanced portion of professionalism and motivation.

I look forward to see more law students join this network and unite together as one international family; who together we can discuss, share ideas and knowledge and most importantly facilitate opportunities for each other with no borders and frontiers.

Matea Butigan

Vice President (Competitions)

Hello, my name is Matea and I am a law student from Croatia, Europe. I will be serving as the Vice President (Competitions) of NILS International. During my studies I participated in various seminars and contests. I also participated in a Legal Aid Clinic of University of Zagreb as a volunteer, I have written articles for Nasciturus, law journal of University of Split, Croatia, and attended Moot Court Croatia competition organised by eStudent Network of exellence in Zagreb.

My mission in NILS is to organize various competitions for the benefit of students from all across the world. These competitions will not only enhance the competitive spirit among law students, but also improve their skills and knowledge about different legal systems. Our goal is to connect students on a global level, and provide them with a memorable experience.

Our competitions will be organised both online and offline. So feel free to join NILS wherever you are and apply for our contests. This is the way of connecting with the world and its diversity. So what are you waiting for? Come. Let's unite and make a change!

Diana Buzoianu

Vice President (Events)

Hello. My name is Diana Anda Buzoianu and I am from Romania. I have been involved with NILS for 2 years now. As one of the founders of the Bucharest Chapter, at first I held the position of Vice-president (Competition) and then served as the President of NILS Bucharest for a year. Now, I have been appointed as the Vice President (Events) in the International Board. As it can be seen, my road was one that made it possible for me to have a broader image on this law student association. It has been an incredible journey and I am very thankful for all the amazing experiences and opportunities that NILS offered me.

Speaking from my point of view, NILS was the one that made it possible for my voice to be heard as a student. I was able to follow all the ideas that I had regarding events, competitions, trainings, networking with different students across the world. The last 2 years I found a platform for all the projects that I thought would help people. I will use this mandate to send this message to students: with the help of a great team, with the network of hundreds of foreign students, with enthusiasm, hard work and fun times you will create something amazing. NILS is a start point for that.

Irene Alfano

Vice President (Marketing)

My name is Irene and I am an Italian MA graduate in Law, with expertise in EU and International Law. Before joining NILS I worked as a legal intern at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trento and I was part of the ELSA International delegation to the Human Rights Council in Geneva (CH).

As the Vice President for Marketing of NILS International I will be working with the promotion of NILS’ projects and coordinating its communication channels to make sure that even more law students and young lawyers discover NILS and the great opportunities it provides. I am sure that together with this great network of ambitious and dedicated people, we can take NILS to a new level.

Deborah Civico

Vice President (Publications)

My name is Deborah and I will be serving as the Vice President for Publications. I am an Italian MA graduate in Law, with expertise in International Public Law, Human Rights, International Relations and International Business Law. I worked at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN in Geneva (CH) as legal assistant. I am currently managing the a global research and study at Defence for Children International in Geneva and I work as project manager, due to my knowledge of International Business. I have many experiences in legal writing, as I worked as Director Magazine for the European Law Students Association.

As the Vice President (Publications), I will be responsible for the annual publication of the NILS Law Review, which will cover a range of critical legal issues each year. I hope that the Law Review will be used as a platform for dialogue amongst international law students as well as a tool to develop students’ research and editing skills. My proximity to the UN and the other International Organizations in Geneva will be an asset for NILS, helping the network to grow to an even more international level.

Aditi Agarwal

Vice President (Traineeship & International Exchange)

Hello, my name is Aditi and I am a law student from India. I will be serving as the Vice President for Traineeship and International Exchange (TIE) programme of the NILS International Board.

As the Vice President for Traineeships and International Exchange, I am mainly responsible for providing exactly those mentioned opportunities, i.e. Traineeship and International Exchange (TIE) programme. This programme aims to provide law students with opportunities to be part of professional work environment and learn from the very best in the field. Also students will get to participate in study tours, professional online courses and internships.

It shall be my duty to identify organizations that provide such opportunities to law students and secure them for our members. NILS seeks to promote worldwide access to opportunities in the legal arena and therefore, our foremost aim is to break down the barriers created for law students seeking to intern or gain experience in a foreign country. We shall also strive to ensure that our members are treated fairly and provide them with a safe work environment.

Anirban Das

Director (International Expansion)

Hello, I am Anirban Das from India. I am a law student from Government Law College, Mumbai. It is an honour to join NILS International in the role of Director (International Expansion). I have previously been the United Nations Youth Representative of India at the UN Headquarters in New York in 2014 and a UNESCO Youth Representative for India at the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Youth Dialogue, China in 2016. I have written research papers for law journals and other publications on human rights law and conducted presentations in international conferences in Thailand and Nepal on intellectual property law, cyber law, privacy and transnational cooperation.

My primary objective will be to increase the presence of NILS into an even larger number of countries and regions. Simultaneously, my aim will be to strengthen our network in countries we already have members and chapters in. I will work closely with the President and other members of the International Board to ensure that more international law students are made aware of our organization’s goals and objectives and are actively involved in the working of NILS.

As the fastest growing law students association with presence across Asia, Europe and Africa, we intend to include a greater number of international law students and encourage collaborations with them. I look forward to working with this fabulous team to make NILS develop into an even more inclusive and truly international family of law students.